Why IMS                                     

We Took cloud computing to a deferent level

IMS is not the only a software company and not only an industry consulting company,it is both. IMS combines the experience of industrial consulting, production optimization,and production control together with the top of the information technology in programming and system design. IMS has developed a software that implements best practice management methods in garment .......   

The application that we built is dedicated to the textile industry and the garment/ apparel manufacturing.  The entire system is web based and can be accessed by the users through the internet.  This will save clients the large investments needed to run an application of this magnitude, software, server and network.  The factory only needs a number of computers and an internet access to run the entire application.

              To become a global provider of web based (CMA) computer manufacturing application solution provider and ERP systems to small and medium industry. The systems will promote best practice methods and be available at affordable prices to the manufacturers’ world wide.To work with Industrial Chambers and Federations all over the world to introduce these systems and train industry members on ..........
What does my factory-garments Do?
myfactory-garments is a web based ERP system designed especially for garment factories. Increase profit/ decrease waste/ increase labor wages. In the past managers depended on low labor cost to maximize profit. Today, the successful manager understands that good planning, detailed information and a well informed client are the only road to success and profitability in the garment business.